Youth Group Wash for Life Project
On Saturday, Sept. 29th the youth group from St. Leo & Vincent's parishes along with
the local Knights of Columbus Chapter participated in the nation wide pro-life event,
Wash for Life. This powerful pro-life event works on both a local and a national level. It
gives young people a chance to help the women and children in the community, while
at the same time participating in a media event that tells the nation: the tide is
turning-this generation is pro-life. One of its main goals is to help our fellow youth
become active in the pro-life movement. Another goal is to connect youth with their
local pregnancy care centers, and to raise awareness about PCCs in general.
Pregnancy Care Centers play a vital role in effort to reach out to women to give them
alternatives to abortion; but it is amazing how many people have never heard of them.
The total amount given to our local pregnancy care center, The Alpha Center, located
in Sioux Falls was $757. Thank you to all who donated to this cause and who worked
to make this special event happen. Your choice to help women and children in need
made this project a big success!
Youth group and KC members include: back row- Scott VanWinkle, Bill Minow-KC, Billy Minow,
Joe Jaeger, and Fr Joe Forcelle; middle row standing-Megan Schmidt, Wille Crews-KC,
Elizabeth Mitzel, Ethan Kniffen, Zach Sutera, Thomas Mitzel, Brenda Walloch, Ron
Zimmerman-KC president, Katie Kniffen; front row kneeling & sitting-Danielle Tycz, Jaclyn
Rothschadl, Alec Weber, Tanner VanWinkle, Kayla Kloucek, Brooke VanGerpen, Brianna
2013 Wash for Life